Wednesday 10/3

For time:

10 Muscle Up

75 Push Press @ 75/55

800m Run

Some of you have been around to hear me talk about virtuosity so bear with me if that’s the case, but I’m about to get on a soap box. Virtuosity means doing the common uncommonly well. This is something that, as CrossFitters we’re ALWAYS striving for. It’s that slight improvement in your squat or a little better position on your 2nd pull of the snatch. Virtuosity is what we’re chasing in everything we do every single day.

Or at least it should be.

Some of you have settled for what you’ve got now. “Oh I don’t need to work on my squat it’s good enough” you might think to yourself. My technique is good enough I just need to get more weight on the bar. Well, to put it bluntly you’re wrong. We want you to continue to push yourself to continue striving for improvement in every facet of everything we do in here.

But here’s the rub… we also don’t want your movement to be perfect.

Confused yet? While it’s true that we’re striving to have your movement as clean and polished as we can possibly get it it’s also true that if your movement looks absolutely flawless for every single rep you’ve done in a workout it means YOU DIDN’T WORK HARD ENOUGH.

We want you working to improve your technique which will then allow you to move faster… at which time you might reach the threshold of your technique and it will start to break down. Then it’s time to slow back down, reclaim that technique and make it look pretty again. But then, you guessed it, now that it looks pretty we want you to move faster again. And on and on.

This back and forth between technique and intensity might happen 100 times during a workout, and that’s OK. That’s how we get better. Just don’t move so perfectly that you lose intensity or so quickly that your technique suffers.

Find that razors edge between the fastest you can go while maintaining technique and push the limits every day you’re in here and the sky will be the limit for you!


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